Jessie Ford is an English illustrator, who's colourful view of the world has been brightening up people's lives for the last decade. 

Her graphic shapes, textured layers and silhouetted figures culminate in a printed, 'hand-made' effect. With a love of all things bright, bold and graphic, Jessie's faux naive charm has been used extensively within the publishing, advertising, editorial, packaging and design sectors. 


Apple/Starbucks/Godiva/Kiehls/Volkswagen/Tesco/Fairy Liquid/NSPCC/John Lewis/Samsonite/Bordeaux Wines/Transport For London/Howies/Mothercare/Orion Books/Random House/Abrams USA/Little Brown Book Group/Hodder & Stoughton/The Wall Street Journal/The Guardian/The Independent/The Times/Financial Times/Gwyneth Paltrow's website 'Goop'/Sophie Dahl/Mothercare, Channel 4 (Kirstie Allsopp)/Macy's New York.

Jessie lives by the sea in sunny Hove.


Jessie's children's illustration range can be viewed at